22 12, 2021

How To Choose Your Patio Doors

When thinking about updating your home, you may not immediately think about replacing patio doors. Updating patio doors can seem like an afterthought. However, patio doors can make a huge difference to your home, adding dimension, functionality, and a home decor accent to the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Patio doors can make

6 02, 2017

4 Reasons Connecticut Homeowners Choose DiGiorgi For Roofing and Siding

So far, the Winter of 2016/2017 has been quite mild; a nice change for Connecticut Residents!  As CT homeowners, we understand how difficult, challenging and damaging harsh New England Winters can be.  Choosing the right Connecticut roofing and siding company is a decision not taken lightly, which is why many choose DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding.

25 09, 2016

Signs That Show It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Like many home improvement projects, window replacement is an investment that is both beneficial to preserving the health of your home and its overall efficiency. So what exactly should a homeowner look for when considering window replacement? here are a few ideas and tips to make the decision: In some cases, the window may need

10 08, 2016

5 Tips To Prepare Your Connecticut Home For The Fall Season

We know what you're thinking when you read this title; "Don't rush Summer!" So let's just consider this new article from DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding a gentle reminder for when the season gets closer. Here are some great tips from the team at DiGiorgi for great projects to consider to help your Connecticut home deal

26 01, 2016

5 Simpe and Easy Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value

  Out of all the questions we receive on our Facebook page, website or even on the phone, tips for increasing home value is always the most asked. We understand why, too.  After all, depending where you are in your life, the home you're in might not be a forever home, even though it works

15 01, 2016

Home Shopping In Connecticut During The Winter? Here’s Some Tips For What To Look For

We aren't trying to jinx anything, but so far, Connecticut has experienced a very mild winter season.  Since its so mild, many Connecticut residents are taking advantage by doing things they normally would necessarily do during the cold months.  For some, that home improvement projects that normally couldn't be started or worked on at all.

4 01, 2016

Why Choose DiGiorgi: Customized Payment Options and The Everlast Warranty

The last thing many of us want to think about is a large home improvement project right after the holidays.  Or, maybe its a project you've been putting off due to cost.  DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding takes pride in offering more options for our customers,  so there doesnt have to be so much stress associated

24 11, 2015

Four Small Business Statistics That Will Encourage Us All To Shop Small This Saturday

  If you ask various generations, most likely many of the stories will include memories including small businesses throughout their generations.  Whether it was the pharmacy, candy store, coffee shop, hardware store or grocery store, they all include memories and people. In today's world, with so many large businesses and stores, its always nice to

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