Like many home improvement projects, window replacement is an investment that is both beneficial to preserving the health of your home and its overall efficiency. So what exactly should a homeowner look for when considering window replacement? here are a few ideas and tips to make the decision:

  1. In some cases, the window may need something as simple as weather stripping or other small fixes which makes repair the right choice. However, if the window or frame is beyond repair, where fixing is no longer an option, replacing is the route to go.  Signs that windows need replacement include problems opening and closing, cracks in window and drafts .
  2. Energy efficient windows are a great way to help cut costs on your home operating costs.  In Connecticut, where we receive both hot and cold weather, having a window that can be as efficient as possible will save you money throughout the year.

What is the best option for window replacement in Connecticut?

Only Infinity replacement windows are made of 100% ULTREX FIBERGLASS, A uniquely durable material that’s 8X stronger than vinyl, and outlasts and outperforms all other window materials.

Infinity’s patented bonded finish is 3X thicker than thin painted finishes. Resists discoloring, warping and corrosion to stay looking new and maintenance free. Looks like wood, performs like fiberglass.

Ultrex fiberglass keep windows stable and weather tight all year, every year. Infinity exceeds the performance requirements for energy reduction.

Infinity’s unique window glaze technology reflects heat away in summer and retains indoor heat in winter dramatically reducing energy bills.

Finally, replacing windows is a great investment even when you’re looking to sell.  As so many homeowners understand the importance of upgrades like windows, this will be a huge selling point and a plus for those looking in the market.

For more information on window replacement, make sure to head to the DiGiorgi Replacement Window Page and check out our current offers!