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Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding & Stone Accent

DiGiorgi offers over 8 decades of experience in quality siding replacement and installation. DiGiorgi understands the need to preserve the exterior of your home and can offer premier siding services to ensure aesthetic satisfaction and the maximum longevity for your home. STONEFAÇADE™ from Certainteed can provide a huge facelift to your home increasing curb appeal and home value.

The Signs of Home Siding Problems

Like many homeowners, you may be experiencing the deterioration of your vinyl siding. Wind, rain, and cold temperatures can all adversely affect house siding leading to:

  • Frequent painting due to peeling or cracking
  • Deterioration
  • Esthetically displeasing exterior
  • Outdated appearance
  • Reduced resale value
  • Lack of energy efficiency
  • Poor or no wind resistance warranty
  • No transferable warranty

“I Paint My House Every Year and Have Never Had a Problem.”

While many people swear by their freshly painted houses, they often do not realize the drawbacks of annual paintings. Aside from it being a yearly cost and painstaking endeavor, not all paints are foolproof. Often faulty paints and/or painting can result in moisture leaking into the walls of your home, increasing the risk of structural decay. DiGiorgi can provide you with valuable vinyl siding information and options.

How Can DiGiorgi Help?

Like all of our services, DiGiorgi offers free in-home consultation. Our professional staff can assist you in figuring out what your siding problems may be and what method you can take to correct the problem. As well as which style is best suited for your home, whether vinyl or plank siding. And you can coordinate your new siding look with a custom deck made with low maintenance Trex deck products. There have been many innovative advancements in the siding industry from technology advancements in materials such as polymer, vinyl and stone to style advancements.

Other services DiGiorgi offers to CT homeowners include: roofing, gutter replacement, home remodeling, and replacement windows & doors by Marvin.

DiGiorgi Serving Connecticut

If you are a resident of Connecticut, DiGiorgi offers the highest quality products for your window replacement, home vinyl siding, roofing, and home improvement needs. Our services also extend throughout all of Connecticut.

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Siding FAQs

Do you trim windows?2021-02-17T19:48:18-05:00

We custom trim all windows with aluminum, covering all exposed wood

Do you work in winter?2021-02-17T19:48:18-05:00

Yes, if mild

Do you insulate?2021-02-17T19:48:18-05:00

Yes, we use a closed cell, ship lap polystyrex foam backer

How long will it take?2021-02-17T19:48:18-05:00

Once the job begins we will work everyday until completion average 8-9 days

Do You Have Financing?2021-03-19T11:43:39-04:00


Do You Have References?2021-03-19T11:43:58-04:00

References for all services , even jobs in progress.

Do You Clean Up?2021-03-19T11:45:19-04:00

Daily clean up plus a final clean up with a magnetic sweep.

What Is Your Experience?2021-03-19T11:44:15-04:00

8 decades experience in home improvement 4th generation.

Do You Have A Service Department?2020-05-21T17:10:59-04:00

Full service dept to handle any possible future problems and 24 hr emergency service.

Do You Have A Warranty?2021-03-19T11:45:51-04:00

Click here to read more about our Everlast Warranty™.

Is Your Company Insured?2021-03-19T11:45:57-04:00

Insured and licenced with the state of CT and MA.

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