When thinking about updating your home, you may not immediately think about replacing patio doors. Updating patio doors can seem like an afterthought. However, patio doors can make a huge difference to your home, adding dimension, functionality, and a home decor accent to the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Patio doors can make a statement, and they can create space while opening up your home for entertaining visitors or just relaxing outdoors yourself.

How Patio Doors are Used

Patio doors are used in several ways, often simultaneously.

  1. Patio doors function as a connection between your indoor living area and outdoor patio or deck area.
  2. When they are closed, patio doors provide light from outside and illuminate the interior.
  3. You can view the outdoors easily year-round when patio doors are closed.
  4. When patio doors are open, they connect the indoors and outdoors, opening up space for entertaining.
  5. Open patio doors offer room for you to relax on your patio, deck, or lawn by yourself or with friends.

In essence, patio doors enhance the look and feel of your home while providing value in a variety of ways.

Types of Replacement Patio Doors

If you are in the market to replace patio doors, there are three types of patio doors that you can consider. These types are sliding patio doors, hinged patio doors, and folding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

If you have limited space for your patio doors, a good choice is sliding patio doors. Since they don’t need to swing to open and close, you can still add value to your home without sacrificing space. Sliding doors operate on a single track within the frame they are in, sliding open and closed, and leaving you more space inside and outside where a hinged door would swing.

Large window planes in sliding patio doors allow a lot of natural light inside all year, giving you beautiful views of the outside. Sliding doors can be installed with the option of sliding screens that allow fresh air inside without the nuisance of bugs.

Hinged Patio Doors

A second option for your home is hinged patio doors. HInged patio doors are the standard swinging door like most of the doors you have inside your house. Hinged doors are a good choice if you like to entertain because they hold up well in high-traffic areas.

Hinged doors have their hinges on the side and open in the center usually as a pair, generally swinging outward into a room or out to your patio. These doors are commonly known as French doors, adding a functional yet elegant traditional accent to your home. While often used in the back or side of the house, French doors can also function as a front door entryway.

Folding Patio Doors

Another choice for your home is adding folding patio doors. While folding doors are the least common type of patio doors, they are the most unique in style and function. These resemble an accordion in use, with hinges between them so the doors can fold back to expand your space. One plus to adding accordion doors is that you can open them partially or fully depending on the space you need.

Folding patio doors can be customized when ordered, and their sleek frames offer a contemporary aesthetic to any room. Screen doors can also be added to protect from outdoor insects.

Benefits of New Patio Doors

Replacing patio doors offers a homeowner several benefits while adding value to your home. Adding or updating patio doors can:

  • Increase the natural light from outdoors into your home
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency with modern window technology
  • Add resale value to your home
  • Enhance the look and feel of your home
  • Be easily customized to fit your unique patio door ideas to achieve the look you want
  • Increase the safety of your home
  • Transform your home into an exciting, new, multifunctional space for your family and for guests

You can improve your home in several ways when replacing patio doors. You can save space with the sliding doors making the space more usable. You can increase the number and/or width of your entryways adding light from outdoors. And you can enhance your home design with modern patio doors made using new window technologies that will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter while saving money on your heating and cooling bill all year.

Infinity From Marvin Patio Door Installation

Why choose Infinity from Marvin patio doors for updating your home?

The biggest reason is that Infinity from Marvin patio doors are the best in the business, and can inspire you when choosing the patio door style you want. You have the option of completely custom designing your own patio doors, or finding the style you want from a wide variety of choices that will work with your patio door ideas in style and budget.

Infinity from Marvin patio doors installed by DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding are backed by Everlast Warranty which is better than the manufacturer warranty, because that is how much we believe in our product and installation. Infinity patio doors have 100% Ultrex fiberglass, a uniquely durable material that’s 8X stronger than vinyl, and outlasts and outperforms all other window materials. Infinity’s patented bonded finish is 3X thicker than thinly painted finishes. The finish resists discoloring, warping, and corrosion to stay looking new. It looks like wood but performs like fiberglass. Infinity’s unique window glaze technology reflects summer heat away and retains indoor heat in winter, reducing your energy bills with its energy-efficient design.

Thinking about How to Update Patio Doors?

Are you thinking about how to add functionality and value to your home? Want to reduce your energy usage from old, leaky windows and doors? Replacing old patio doors with Infinity by Marvin will give you the update you are looking for. Contact us to learn more.