We aren’t trying to jinx anything, but so far, Connecticut has experienced a very mild winter season.  Since its so mild, many Connecticut residents are taking advantage by doing things they normally would necessarily do during the cold months.  For some, that home improvement projects that normally couldn’t be started or worked on at all.  Others are looking at the real estate market and seeing whats on the market.  One benefit of purchasing a home during winters is taking advantage of the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall months before heading into winter all over again.

So here are some basic ideas and tips for those that are looking seriously in the market.  Even if you are doing a simple walk around; these tips will be able to offer great insight to the home and anything you may want to mention during the process.

 1. Check the roof…even in Winter

Checking the roof is one of the most important things to do.  Not only is this your homes first and most important defense and protection, it can lead to a costly repair if not more if its not in the condition you though it was.  Look for missing shingles, sagging, impacts in the shingle and discoloration.  If the roof has snow on it, make sure you wait and take a look at it when you can see it in its entirety.  The last thing you want to be responsible for is a new roof after purchasing a home.

2.  The driveway

This might seem like an obvious thing to look at, but sometimes it can be overlooked simply because its covered with snow and we forget.  You will want to look for major damage and cracking that will obviously need some attention.  In many cases, it can be fix easily while other times (as rare as it may be) it will need major attention which can be costly.

You’ll also want to consider how steep it may be and the attention it will need during Winter.  Many residents often look at the driveway as something they would have considered more during the home buying process, especially during and after the harsh winter months Connecticut residents know all too well about.

3.  Siding and Gutters

Make sure to give these two items a good look at.  Make sure the siding looks intact and in good shape along with the gutters. For the gutters, make sure to look for sagging, loose, bent and warped conditions.  While the gutters are often not priority, they play a LARGE role in the overall health of your home and its structure and having gutters that are damaged can lead to even more, costly damage within the home during heavy precipitation like snow and rain.

4.  Check the foundation

Many Connecticut residents have heard the horror stories residents are facing with the crumbling foundations.  This problem that is now burdening many residents in Eastern Connecticut is so costly fix.  During the Winter, it can be hard to see the outside of a foundation, especially with inches of snow around it.  That is why it is so important to make sure your inspector looks closely at the health of the basement, foundations and concrete, not just for crumbling foundations, but for overall shape and health of the concrete.


These are just a few of many tips when looking for a home in Connecticut during Winter. For more information of tips, ideas and other information, make sure to check out our other blogs which include great insight on projects that increase home value, projects for each season and much more!