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13 06, 2017

Basement Window Replacement In Naugatuck Connecticut

Initially, you may look at this and categorize the project as small. This however, is considered one of the most important due to safety. This replacement window from DiGiorgi include Infinity From Marvin windows. Why Infinity From Marvin windows? 100% ultrex fiberglass | Ultrex fiberglass construction Only Infinity replacement windows are made of 100% ULTREX FIBERGLASS,

22 05, 2017

DiGiorgi Transformation: Before & After In Beacon Falls Connecticut

Out of all the photos we can use to showcase our work, nothing shows a transformation like before & after photo comparisons. This recent project out of Beacon Falls Connecticut showcases just how dramatic of a change siding and windows can create.  Here are the products and services included in this recent job:   1.

9 11, 2015

Recent DiGiorgi Garage Door Project in New Haven Connecticut

Our garage door before and after photos are always such a delight because there is so much beauty to the garage door designs we offer.  In fact, more and more Connecticut residents are adding garage door replacement to priority home improvement projects, not only for their beauty but the critical role the play in any

1 06, 2015

Before & After: Roofing Project In Bethlehem Connecticut

One of our most recent projects comes out of Bethlehem Connecticut!  For customers Jim and Sarah, we completed a new roof which will last them for years to come.  In addition to the durability, strength and protection that roofs by DiGiorgi provide, we also have our Everlast Warranty which stands behind the workmanship of every job

29 05, 2015

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding’s Recent Garage Door Projects In CT

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding has been very busy this Spring season with Garage Door Projects in CT!  Sometimes the easiest and simplest remodel starts and ends with a garage door.  You would be surprised how much a garage door effects the overall look and feel of a home.  With Amarr Garage Doors from DiGiorgi, the

16 01, 2015

DiGiorgi Before & After Project In Southbury Connecticut

  Getting ready to start planning a home improvement project but need an idea board?  Here is our latest segment of before and after.  This project took place in Southbury Connecticut and included a plethora of renovations documented before and after.  This project included siding, roofing, trim designs by DiGiorgi, remodel and added portico and

4 09, 2014

Before & After: New Roofing Project In Ridgefield Connecticut

One of our most recent projects took us to Ridgefield Connecticut for a new roof project.  It doesn't matter how many new roofs we design and put on each year, seeing the completed work and detail that goes into it continually impresses even our team. We began a short time ago adding before and after

18 06, 2014

Before & After: Another DiGiorgi Roofing Home Makeover In Watertown Connecticut

One of the most popular blog posts from DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding is our "Before and After" projects throughout the state of Connecticut.  So, to keep you posted for future ideas and what we have been up to, this blog takes us to a home in Watertown Connecticut! Watertown Connecticut Home It's pretty neat to

5 06, 2014

Before and After Work From DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding In Southbury CT

  Whether it's a new roof, siding or windows that's being changed on a house, before and after photos always show the drastic transformation and upgrades.  Our recent before and after job as seen here, is a DiGiorgi Roofing customer in Southbury Connecticut.  As you can see in the photos, the top two photos are

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