DiGiorgi Roofing in CT

One of the most popular blog posts from DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding is our “Before and After” projects throughout the state of Connecticut.  So, to keep you posted for future ideas and what we have been up to, this blog takes us to a home in Watertown Connecticut!

Watertown Connecticut Home

It’s pretty neat to try and determine what has been done and whats different.  Almost like that section in the old Highlights magazines (if you remember those!)  However, since many of our customers and future customers would like to know exactly what they are looking at, lets take you through the renovations that have been done to this home!

Garage Doors

The garage doors are the first upgrade which are done by Amarr.  Amarr is DiGiorgi’s signature line of doors with 3 styles and all within various price points to meet every customers budge.  In these photos, David went with the Classica look which you can find on the DiGiorgi Roofing Garage Door Section Here.

Amarr Garage doors are perfect for upgrading and adding value to your home as well as the outdoor appeal! With a plethora of wood and metal selections, DiGiorgi will handle the installation and ensure these long lasting doors treat you and your home well.

DiGiorgi Trim Designs

David also used DiGiorgi Trim Designs to add detail and window treatments around the window area.  Adding that extra detail that has people doing a double take!

Versetta Stone Addition

Probably the most noticeable change and upgrade was the Versetta Stone addition to David’s home!  With stone and siding combined being a very popular look, the Versetta Stone added a nice contrast to the home giving it additional dimension and detail.  For more information on the siding, click here.

Thank you to David in Watertown for the opportunity to earn your business! If you have questions regarding these updates, feel free to call DiGiorgi at 1-800-428-6438 or head to Digiorgiinc.com for more information!