Out of all the photos we can use to showcase our work, nothing shows a transformation like before & after photo comparisons. This recent project out of Beacon Falls Connecticut showcases just how dramatic of a change siding and windows can create.  Here are the products and services included in this recent job:


1. CertainTeed Siding

Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding. DiGiorgi offers over seventy years experience in quality siding replacement and installation. DiGiorgi understands the need to preserve the exterior of your home and can offer premier siding services to ensure aesthetic satisfaction and the maximum longevity for your home.

2. Infinity From Marvin Windows

Infinity from Marvin is the replacement window preferred by over 50,000 satisfied Connecticut homeowners. No other window delivers more value with a brand you can trust. Your windows are professionally installed by DiGiorgi, and backed by our Everlast Warranty. Better than the best manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Provia Storm Door

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding Inc. uses the highest quality entry and storm doors by Provia. Provia is committed to making doors The Professional Way; doors individually customized for homeowners to the highest standards of durability, security and energy efficiency in the residential market.

For more information on this recent Beacon Falls CT home improvement project, contact DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding at  (203) 723-6880.