One of our most recent projects took us to Ridgefield Connecticut for a new roof project.  It doesn’t matter how many new roofs we design and put on each year, seeing the completed work and detail that goes into it continually impresses even our team.

We began a short time ago adding before and after photos of many of our projects to our social media pages like the DiGiorgi Facebook page and our gallery page on our website to show customers just what the Connecticut roofing options look like.  To go a step beyond, we even started creating a question and answer video segment with our own installation manager, Alex Shahan explaining different ideas, problems, solutions, etc homeowners may be having.  You can visit our YouTube page and view those videos at the DiGiorgi YouTube Page.

In the after photos of the Stover roof, you will see our PVC wall flash detail, the ice barrier overhang, the unscathed grounds and lead chimney.  If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to look around our website for ideas, information and more or call the DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding team today!

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