18 11, 2014

Three Safety Tips Clark Griswold Failed To Follow During Christmas Decorating

When you think of Christmas movies, its hard not to include National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Clark Griswold has the ability to not only make us extremely uncomfortable through all his struggles, but his passion for family, holidays and spirit is what warms our heart. In Christmas vacation, it was a struggle.  from stapling christmas lights

17 11, 2014

Does Your Connecticut Home Get Ice Dams? Here’s What To Know

Here at DiGiorgi Roofing, we even hate to say the word, ICE DAMS.  After all, the last few winters have caused havoc on homes that unfortunately dealt with this problem.  Many people are all too familiar with them, however aren't necessarily sure how an ice dam forms. Ice dams form when the snow melts off

7 11, 2014

5 Energy Efficient Tips For CT Homeowners

With an Intense storm headed to Alaska's Aleutian Islands and winter quickly approaching, many Connecticut and Massachusetts residents are scrambling to not only conserve energy, but also ways to save money while keeping their homes as warm as possible. What it really comes down to is making sure that your home is as efficient as possible, while

5 11, 2014

Four Reasons Litchfield Connecticut Residents Use The Roofing Contractors At DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding

The four reasons certainly take a toll on New England homes.  Connecticut is no different, which is why choosing the right roofing contractor in Connecticut is so important.  In addition to roofing, DiGiorgi Roofing has been providing services including roofing, siding, window replacement, garage door, leaf guard gutters and home improvements.  Here are 5 reasons

3 11, 2014

DiGiorgi Roofing Q&A: Replacement vs. New Construction Windows

Christina from New Fairfield Connecticut just got new siding from DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding and now has decided to get new windows. Christina is wondering what is the best route to take, Replacement Windows or New Construction Windows from Infinity by Marvin Replacement Windows. When you go with a replacement window, there is no need

15 10, 2014

DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding Proudly Continues As A Velux Skylight Specialist For Connnecticut

While we are proud for being recognized as a referred choice for Connecticut and Western Massachusetts home and business owners for roofing, siding, garage door, window replacements and home improvement projects, we are also proud to announce our continuation at a VELUX Skylight Specialist for this area. Velux has been leading the way in reliability

8 10, 2014

Why Connecticut & Massachusetts Residents Are Taking Advantage Of Our Everlast Warranty

With the warm weather beginning to leave us, and the inevitable cold seasons ahead, DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding has been very busy throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts preparing homeowners for a efficient Winter season again. Whether its new roofing, siding, window replacement, garage doors or other remodel, each has their own benefit to adding to

18 09, 2014

Fall Home Indoor & Outdoor Maintenance Checklist & Guide

We hate to say it, but Summer is quickly coming to an end!  With the changing seasons, its always a good idea to do a home maintenance checklist around the outside and inside of your home before entering the colder months ahead.  Here are some following checklist items to keep in mind as you continue

21 07, 2014

DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding Q&A: Attic Is Still HOT With A Ridge Vent. Why?

  In this video, we have Alex Shahen, Installation Manager here at DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding answering various questions from customers and residents throughout Connecticut. In this video, Janet from Wolcott Connecticut asks, "My roof is still hot. Why is my ridge vent not working?" Alex explains the components needed for a balanced attack and what

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