The past several mornings have been brisk here in Connecticut, preparing all of us for the Winter months ahead.  While we struggle to wake in the morning and deal with the change in daylight, our home is in need of an inspection before we hibernate.  Here are a couple great checklist items to remember for Winter garage door maintenance.  There is still time to do research on replacing your current garage doors with our signature Amarr Garage Doors, and also great ways to preserve your current doors now.

1.Check The Batteries In Your Garage Door Opener

Sounds pretty simple right?  Well, many times we face this frustration at the worst time.  Make sure you take a second to test your batteries or replace them, so you are not stuck in a situation when you least expect it.

2. Wash and Wipe Down Weather Strip

Something many homeowners don’t thing about is the weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door.  Making sure that those are clean, crack-free and damage free is extremely important especially during winter.  If there are issues with the weather stripping, snow and other precipitation may be allowed into the garage causing them to freeze shut.  A good wipe down will ensure this does not happen.

3. Check Windows In Garage

If you have windows in your garage, make sure that they are in great shape, crack free and the window treatments are are fine.  Some homeowners have piping out in their garage or even heat, and any little leak of air or crack can cause serious damage, frozen pipes, etc.  In addition, safety is priority so make sure the windows are shut and locked.

4.  Check The Garage Door Tracking

On occasion, you will find grease or other debris build up on the garage door tracking.  If you see this, make sure to wipe it down and spray an approved lubricant to ensure the garage door properly works and stays on the tracks.  Grease and debris build up can cause issues with the tracking and the overall use of the garage door.

For more tips like this, keep checking our website as well as our DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding Facebook page.  If you have questions regarding our Amarr Garage Doors or any other product or service, feel free to reach out to our team at DiGiorgi Roofing today!