We hate to say it, but Summer is quickly coming to an end!  With the changing seasons, its always a good idea to do a home maintenance checklist around the outside and inside of your home before entering the colder months ahead.  Here are some following checklist items to keep in mind as you continue your outdoor chores.

Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

  1. If you haven’t upgraded to RainTech gutters, it is a best practice to clean your gutters out to ensure clean, easy flow for water through gutters.  If you are considering changing to the RainTech Gutters, now is a great time to call the team at DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding for more information.
  2. Take a look around your roof and chimney to ensure no cracks and other types of damage.
  3. Test your snowblower!  We know…it hurts to hear that.  Get it done now so you can still enjoy the Fall months without thinking of Winter!
  4. Rake up your leaves and utilize for mulch in your gardens or properly dispose of
  5. Properly remove outdoor hoses and coil up in garage or safe location
  6. While you still have time to enjoy your outdoor patio and deck, consider putting away any furniture that will not be used in the upcoming months.

Indoor Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check your windows and doors to ensure efficiency and no air leaks.  If you find that your home is not as efficient and adding any form of weather stripping is no longer a solution, make sure and talk to one of our professional technicians about our Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows.
  2. Check each and every carbon monoxide and smoke detector in your home for safety purposes.
  3. Have your furnace inspected.

Going through this small checklist will ensure safety and preventative damage to outdoor belongings as well.  As we have said before, there is still time to have your home looked at by one of our specialists for gutters, windows and door replacements!  With a no-hassle, professional approach, getting these upcoming projects aligned and scheduled even for next year is always a great idea and relief!  For more information on information like this, check out our DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding Blog.