When it comes to roofing, we understand it’s not the most glamorous upgrade one can do to a home.  After all, we rarely here homeowners throwing parties to see the new “roof”.  However, a roof is usually one of the first topics of conversations during a possible sale.  While roofing might not be the gem of your home improvements, having problems with it is certainly a headache.  So here are some thoughts before the process and good tips to think about when re-roofing your home is the next improvement in line.

Shingles:  Ways To Save Energy

One thing is for certain: Connecticut and Massachusetts have very warm summers!  While the winter and cold spells are often the primary focus, lets not forget how the warm months add to our electricity bills.  In many towns throughout Connecticut, you’ll see buses that have white roofs.  Why?  because light colors do not get as warm and absorb heat as darker colors.  However, looking around…white is not the new trend in roof colors.  There are shingles that help reflect sunlight and absorb less heat.  These options will save you money and help with the second floor of your home getting unbearably warm.

RainTech Gutters: Preventing Unnecessary Damage

Before RainTech, many of us can remember our fathers getting on a ladder and removing the debris collected in gutters over the seasons.  In recent years, many homeowners have struggled with gutters separating from the house and creating havoc and damage to the roof and siding.  Not only will the RainTech Gutters guarantee clog-free lifetime experience, they will also make sure that the runoff and drainage from your roof is being handled properly by the RainTech Gutter system, further preventing damage from Mother Nature.


Roofing and siding is we are passionate about here at DiGiorgi.  We also understand the expenses that come about when your homes equipment is not working as efficiently as it should.  Call our team today at 1-800-428-6438 for more information or to get an estimate.  As a family owned business for over 80 years, DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding has proudly serviced Connecticut homeowners and businesses with exceptional products and services.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.