In our dream world, we would remodel every inch of our home at one time or another.  The fact is, while some bring greater returns than others, they still cost money to complete.  If you have ever watched the show, Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, the houses are luxurious and extravagant . However, even amongst the extravagance, several of the items below are always considered and heavily weighed when pricing a home for a listing. The reality is, most of us simply cannot afford homes such as those, which is why focusing on renovations that will brighten up your home and give you a great return are things to consider.

In terms of the show, one thing is for sure: certain upgrades and renovations are weighed especially heavy.  Here are a couple that we feel are the best upgrades not only for your home, but for your family to enjoy as well.

1. Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most visited room in the entire house.  If you have people over with a newly remodeled bathroom, be sure that will be the topic of conversation! Whether picking new fixtures, tile, flooring or even expansion, upgrading the bathroom always looks great to potential buyers when on the market.  Make sure you make that room special and it will show later down the road!

2. Your Backyard

Yes, DiGiorgi also does custom decks and backyard improvements!  Making the backyard a desirable place for people to join and enjoy is a great investment for newly married or those with children!  While our winters may be fierce, we are blessed with 4 beautiful seasons.  Enjoy your spring and summer outdoors in your backyard.  Grill, eat on the deck and enjoy watching the kids play…there is nothing better!

3. Making Your Home Efficient

With the price of gas and oil, families are finding more and more ways to conserve these costly prices.  More than ever, people are inspecting potential home purchases based on the efficiency.  Questions like, windows, roofing, etc are more common than ever.  We suggest Infinity from Marvin windows by DiGiorgi, where you can conserve energy by keeping heat in or out of the house.  Also, roofing options will help your home especially during the summer with scorching second floors as well as during the winter and trying to keep the heat where it belongs: INSIDE!

The fact is, there are many renovations that can be done on any living area.  However, if you are considering a possible more OR looking for a new home, consider these home improvements.  You may find yourself looking for these same features built into your next forever home in Connecticut.