Over time, your home’s windows and doors show the effects of the elements, especially in Connecticut and Massachusetts with our New England weather. Rain, wind, and age all contribute to reducing the quality of your windows and doors. This can lead to their decay, as well as damage to your home.

In our latest DiGiorgi Facebook Post (see below), we had shared a video from Infinity From Marvin Replacement Windows.  Customers throughout Connecticut and Western Mass always wonder wonder what the best route is to take when it comes to windows in a home.  In a previous project, we had DiGiorgi Installation Manager Alex Shahen discusses the difference between replacement windows and new construction windows:

Below was our most recent Facebook post regarding Infinity From Marvin Replacement Windows:

If you have questions about windows in general and what might be the best choice for you and your family, don’t hesitate to contact our team at DiGiorgi Roofing for more information.