With winter quickly approaching, now is the time for homeowners to take care of some projects before the first snow. And interior home improvement projects can be tackled throughout those cold months. Be it indoor or outdoor, there is always something to be done at home and with these five tips your home is sure to be comfortable and shielded against New England winters.

1) Inspect Your Roof

Melting snow and ice dams are leading causes of roof leaks which can cause damage to your home, and increase the chances of the roof collapsing. DiGiorgi’s Ice Barriers go beyond code requirements to better protect your roof against snow. Installing ice barriers on the roof will protect your home and save you worry throughout the snowy months.

Along with preventative measures to stop your roof from being damaged, before the first snow check your roof for any cracks or signs of deterioration. Ensure longevity for your home with roofing services from DiGiorgi and know that your roof is updated and safe. With all the latest styles and colors of shingles to choose from, DiGiorgi will protect your roof against the first snow and many more to come.

2) Insulate Your Home

With the price of heating homes constantly on the rise, you can save money on heating bills and promote eco-friendliness by installing insulation. Good insulation helps keep your home warm in the winter without cranking up the thermostat (and can keep it cooler in the summer months). Homeowners can choose the conventional fiberglass method for the attic and basement, or the innovative insulation additives which can be added to paint. Insulation additives reflect heat off the walls and help keep heat inside rather than let it escape out into the cold.

3) Remodel a Room

While winter is not an ideal time to build a home addition, a project which brings a whole new look and is suitable for the cold weather is to flip a room. Many homeowners can think of a few things they would like to change about a certain room. From bathrooms to kitchens to basements, we can help create a new look and increase the value of your home. DiGiorgi remodeling services can help by replacing tiles, updating the look of your cabinets, installing skylights and working to make your home more handicapped accessible. If remodeling is an option you would like to explore, make sure to plan early so your results are what you envision.


4) Replace Old Windows

Heat can escape from any cracks, whether via the glass in your window or an improperly installed casing. DiGiorgi’s replacement windows can help cut down on your heating bill and bring a beautiful new look to your home. After an in home consultation, DiGiorgi will install windows that are right for your home and your budget. Today’s replacement windows are highly energy efficient and easy to maintain.  You can relax knowing you’re not heating the great outdoors and won’t have the worry of deterioration or leakage once the snow begins to melt.

5) Create a Festive Vibe

Regardless of which winter holiday your family celebrates, making quick changes around the home to reflect the season is a fun project your whole family can participate in. If you’re bold, you could paint or wallpaper a wall for a festive accent. Keep the kids busy creating ornaments out of everyday items or designing personalized holiday cards for family and friends. Simply adding festive accents such as candles, lights, throws, and pillows can also create a uniquely seasonal feel to the home.