Fall can be the most productive time of year for completing your home improvement projects. Let’s be honest. We’re not going to accomplish much once the temperature drops, the grass frosts over and holiday festivities begin. And somehow in an effort to make the most of the sunshine, summer has come and gone but the to-do-list remains.

Instead of calling it quits and pushing those projects off another year, take advantage of the autumn months. Now is the time to upgrade your gutters, replace your windows or strengthen your roof. This will save you time and money later as you help your home prepare for the winter elements.

Why upgrade your gutters?

As the leaves have begun to fall, you’re noticing that debris and the weather are taking a toll on your gutters. It’s expected that most conventional gutters on the market will crack, bend and clog with long term exposure to nature’s elements. And when gutters become weighed down and start pulling away from the house, it can create damage to your roof and siding. Put this worry to rest and never clean your gutters again with DiGiorgi’s lifetime clog-free guaranteed RainTech gutters.

Why replace your windows?

Windows are one of the most valuable home investments with the greatest return. Not only will they completely transform your curb appeal, but the right windows also insulate your home and maximize energy efficiency. You could be spending senseless dollars heating your home this winter, or you could invest in high quality windows such as Infinity from Marvin. These replacement windows have a strong resistance to outside moisture, leakage protection and a higher insulation value than other window products. Be confident that you’re insulating your home effectively and preventing damage from rain, wind and snow.

Why strengthen your roof?

If you haven’t already, we suggest you break the news slowly … it’s going to be a rough winter for your roof. Weather trends predict that the Eastern U.S. will see the snowiest winter in 3 years with 35% more snow than last year. Luckily, it’s not too late to take measures to ensure a safe, warm winter with a  new roof, guaranteed by DiGiorgi. With all kinds of weather ahead, make sure your roof keeps you protected from the elements.

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