As fall approaches the leaves change colors, the air cools down, and the holiday season is practically around the corner. As the seasons change, it is time to make indoor and outdoor improvements to your home. Here are some improvements that increase the value of your home, help you to prepare for the upcoming winter season, and make your home more appealing.



1. Redecorate your rooms- As fall approaches, your rooms may be a little out-seasoned with bright colors and decorations. Spice up your rooms this fall by adding fall décors and colors. Warm oranges, reds, yellows, and browns always give the sense that fall is approaching. Be daring and change from the traditional fall colors with deep purples and pinks.Buy a cranberry wreath for the door that can last the entire holiday season. Change the summer ocean candle to a pumpkin or apple spice.  As the leaves change outside, your indoor décor will match perfectly.

2. Repair or Replace the Roof– After the record snowfall last year, repairing or replacing your roof is a must for the upcoming winter. Curling, peeling, and eventual disintegration of roof shingles can lead to severe, permanent damage to your roof and overall house structure. The fall is a great time to work on the roof. As the weather cools down have your roof repaired or replaced so it is ready for the upcoming storms. Digiorgi’s team is there to help you with every step of the process.

3. Install a New Front Door– Still have a draft coming in the house when all of the doors are closed?  It could be housetime to replace your front door. Hundreds of dollars are spent on heat and air conditioning because doors are no longer properly sealing. Today’s replacement doors are created with energy efficiency in mind. With all of the elements we face in the fall from humidity, to rain, to even snow, it is vital your door can handle these elements. Have Digiorgi install the Infinity by Marvin door line in your home for quality protection.

4. Create a Finished Basement – Once it gets cold outside, where are you going to send the kids to play?  This fall make your basement into a finished room you’ll enjoy for years. Whether a play room, office, or guest room, finishing a basement can add value to your home and can give you up to75% return on investment.  And did we mention it can be a place to send the kids to play? As always, Digiorgi’s remodeling team is there to help.


5. Install Skylights- As fall and winter approach, daylight is limited. Let the light in as much as possible in the colder months with Velux Skylights installed by Digiorgi. Every skylight has a 10 year no leak warrantee. Save money and install skylights as you replace your roof.  Most roofers will charge up to double the price to come back and install skylights. So let the sun shine in this fall with brand new skylights.

6. Add a Mud Room– Mud, leaves, dirt and snow all come racing into your home once fall approaches. Instead of having everyone trail through your house with their dirty shoes, add a mud room for shoes and jackets.  Your house’s hardwood floors and rugs will be a little bit cleaner every day.  Get creative and paint it a fun color, add a whiteboard for guests to write on or hang pictures so people want to stop here before they enter!

kitchen7. Remodel the Kitchen- Having the entire family over this holiday season? Prepare your kitchen for the holidays this fall by remodeling it. While the kids are back at school and you are at work, it is the perfect time to have Digiorgi’s team come in and remodel your kitchen.  Everyone will be stunned by your new cabinets, tile and appliances they will want every holiday at your house!

8. Install Covered Gutters: Most gutters experience clogging due to leaves, cracks, wear and tear. As the colors change and leaves start to fall, save yourself a whole lot of work by installing covered gutters. When you install RainTech gutters on your home, water flows through the gutters while the leaves stay out. The gutter system also ensures that the drainage from your roof flows away from your home preventing future damage.

All of these home improvements will help you to make the most out of your home.  Being prepared for the multiple elements fall brings and the upcoming winter is one of the most important aspects in protecting the value of your home. Make your home an inviting place for all guests this fall and upcoming holiday season. Digiorgi Roofing and Siding is here to help with whatever home improvement project you take on this fall. Please contact us.