It’s already summertime again and time to make the most of your outdoor space.  Bring on the ice tea, sunshine, and pool parties! Get busy with the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off these past few seasons.

Did the winter weather take a toll on your outdoor living space? Ready to bounce back and find ways to upgrade and refresh this living area? You need a great looking space that’s comfortable. Functional. Inviting. Lasting. You need a space that’s just right for the whole family and while the weather’s nice, you want to be able to entertain outside as well. Here are some ideas for spicing up your outdoor space this summer.




Get Started With The Quality Foundation

For your deck, location, design and materials matter most. Think about the placement of your outdoor space. Are you too close to the neighbors? Is there easy accessibility? Should it be in the sun or shade? Will it be covered or open? How will it withstand the elements? Make sure that the deck itself as well as the surrounding railings are made of high quality, weather-resistant materials that will make your investment worthwhile in the years to come.



Furnish & Add a Splash
of Color

Make sure your furniture is comfortable and laid out in an inviting and functional way. Get rid of those faded cushions and moldy pillows. Try to stay away from replacing them with earth-tone colors. The great outdoors has enough greens and browns. Go bold and make a statement with your new outdoor furniture. Think about blue with a yellow accent color or red with an orange accent. Keep in mind that dark colors will get hot as the sun beats down.



Set the Mood with Lighting and Fountains

Lighting is one element that will definitely determine the mood for your outdoor living space. Consider stringing lights or placing torches for a relaxed, romantic mood. Water is another element that can be incorporated with fountains to provide relaxing and soothing sound and visual aesthetic.



Entertain with the Flame

Fire pits not only keep the bugs away, but they provide the perfect ambiance for summer nights. Let the kids collect some sticks and make s’mores or curl up on the outdoor sofa to watch it burn. A fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor living space. You can purchase an elegant frame and setting or you can pick a place in the yard to dig up, surround with rocks and create your own campfire.




Consider Cool Utilities

Have you considered the luxury of being able to shower outside in the summertime? What a treat to be able to enjoy the smell, heat and sounds of the outdoors while showering in your very own backyard. Whether you want the kids rinsing off after the pool or beach, or you just enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning, an outdoor shower is one of this summer’s hottest home improvements.



Bring your Summer Vision to Life

Now that you have envisioned your ideal outdoor living area, what are you waiting for? Adding a new deck will immediately increase the value of your home, not to mention the quality of your life.

Get started by calling DiGiorgi at 800-428-6438 about our custom decks and porches. Let us create the foundation for your favorite space this summer. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the summer in style. With over 80 years experience and our Everlast™ Warranty, you’ll rest easy knowing DiGiorgi professionals have the job well in hand.



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