Are you just itching for Spring to get here so you can enjoy the outdoors and get to work on that list of home projects? We are too. Spring is approaching and that means it’s time to spruce up your home.

Here’s 10 tips to help improve the curb appeal of your home:


1.     Apply a fresh coat of paint

Weather can take a toll on your whole house, but especially your house’s paint job. If you notice your shutters and siding are looking a few shades lighter than usual it may be time for a new coat of paint. So get that paint can out of the garage and apply a fresh coat. Or if you’re feeling daring, go to your nearest hardware store and pick out a bright, new color for spring.



2.     Check your roof for possible damage

Winter storms can hit the roof the hard, so make sure to give your roof a careful inspection this Spring. Get up on a ladder and check for missing, cracked or broken shingles on your roof. Be sure to make note of those areas that may be in need of repair. Think you may need some serious repairs? Check out the roofing services we offer.



3.     Clean out your gutters

Your gutters may have collected leaves and rainwater over the long winter and its time for you make sure they are functioning properly. Get on a ladder to clean gutters and downspouts with a shovel or scoop of some kind.

Make sure gutters are directing water away from the house. If you notice leaking seams or damaged drainpipes it may be time for replacement gutters. Check out our tips on gutter installation.  Covered gutter systems such as RainTech can dramatically cut down on maintenance and cleaning.



4.     Give your yard some much deserved attention

You most likely forgot that you had a yard underneath all the snow this winter, so be sure to give your lawn some extra care this spring.The fastest way to give your yard a makeover is with a fresh layer of mulch. Be sure to also fertilize and aerate your grass as to ensure a fresh green lawn this Spring.



5.     Wash and re-stain your deck

Pressure washing your deck or patio can make all the difference this spring. A new coat of stain on your deck can also give it the extra oomph it needs to look fresh and clean. Replacing your old deck or adding a new custom deck can be the focal point your own outdoor living room. Read more on decks.


6.     Check your driveway and walkway for cracks

Spring is the best time to seal cracks you may notice in your driveway or walkway. Check for cracks and repair them to avoid larger issues.


Cut overgrown shrubs

Cut back any plants or shrubs that may look overgrown or too close to the exterior of your home. This will make for improved curb appeal and better ventilation of your home. If you’re feeling adventurous why not take out the old and install some new trees and shrubs?


8.     Inspect siding and windows for leaks

Check the siding and windows around your entire house for any leaks or cracks. No crack should go unattended! Address any problem now before it becomes worse. Not sure what a problem looks like? We can help! If you think your home is ready for new siding or energy efficient windows, read more here.


9.     Service your heating and cooling system

Have your heating and cooling system cleaned and serviced on the outside of your home. This will ensure it works properly and efficiently this spring.






10.  Get your tools ready for Springtime

Be sure you have your lawnmower, leaf blower, pruners and rakes ready for your springtime clean up. Send your lawnmower to a service mechanic if needed.




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