Whether you are along the shore, surrounded by forests, or on a lake or river, having a home in Southern New England means you have beautiful views and the sounds of nature throughout the year. One of the most important choices in owning a home in the region is maximizing your home’s exposure to natural light and taking advantage of those magnificent views of nature. You can enjoy them even more by installing Infinity from Marvin, windows and doors built strong to last long while enhancing the beauty of your home inside and out.

Enjoy Your Home with Quality Windows and Doors

Infinity from Marvin has all of the high-quality windows and patio doors you need to maximize your enjoyment of living in Southern New England. Installed professionally by DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding and backed by their Everlast Warranty, these windows will let in light and provide you with countless hours of watching nature in all her moods.

Infinity from Marvin Windows

Infinity from Marvin has every window you need for your Southern New England home.

  • Durability – Infinity replacement windows use 100% Ultrex fiberglass construction, which is eight times stronger than vinyl and outperforms all other window materials. Their windows also have a narrow profile for better views.
  • Shapes – You can make your home stand out with custom window sizes and shapes. These include an awning window, bay window, bow window, casement window, double-hung window, round-top window, slider window, special shapes window, and single-hung window.
  • Outdoor Finishes – Choose from several options for the finish on exterior window frames painted with a fade-resistant acrylic finish that resists scratches, chalking, fading, chipping, denting, and peeling to protect your home’s curb appeal. Colors are stone white, sierra, cashmere, pebble grey, bronze, Bahama brown, and ebony.
  • Indoor Finishes – Enhance your interior with these colors in the same tough acrylic finish on the interior that is on the exterior. Colors are stone white, sierra, Everwood, bronze, and ebony. Everwood is a stainable wood option.
  • Grilles and Divided Lites – You can also add to the window’s style and appeal with grilles and divided lites, dividing up each window into smaller sections. These styles include
    • Rectangular – classic even lites.
    • Cottage – clean, sleek look divided lights on the top part of the window.
    • Prairie – grid-like pattern along the sides of the windows, leaving the center is clear.
  • Low E Insulating Glass Coatings – Customize your windows with coatings to boost energy efficiency and block harmful UV exposure.

Infinity from Marvin Patio Doors

And don’t forget about your patio doors! Gorgeous patio doors can transform your home into the perfect setting to enjoy nature and the breathtaking views from the inside.

Beautiful patio doors provide light from the outside to illuminate the interior spaces. When open, the exterior and interior are connected allowing guests to enjoy the space when entertaining. Or just sit outside on your patio and relax with a drink while viewing nature.

There are lots of options when it comes to patio door type:

  • Sliding Glass Doors – Since these doors slide to the side in line with the wall when opening and closing, they make a good choice when you want to minimize the space the door needs to operate. These doors have large window panes allowing light to come in throughout the year.
  • Hinged Patio Doors or French Doors – These doors usually have hinges on the outside edge and open outward in pairs to a patio or deck. They need more room to operate than sliding glass doors.
  • Folding Patio Doors – Folding patio doors open and close in an accordion fashion, and you can open just the amount of space you want to use. They have hinges between them so the doors can fold back to one side. These doors offer a more contemporary style than the other two choices.

Thinking about How to Update Your Windows and Doors?

Are you thinking about how to add functionality and beauty to your home? When you replace old windows and patio doors with quality windows and doors with Infinity from Marvin, you’ll get the update you are looking for. Contact us to learn more.