If you’re like most people, resort vacations may be too few and far between. If you want access to that getaway resort feeling all year long, a solution is within your reach. The good news is, there are plenty of practical and affordable ways to make your backyard feel like a getaway vacation destination. You’ll get that resort feeling anytime you want it.

Take a break from work, enjoy the sunset, or invite friends and family for fun and conversation in a relaxing setting, all in the comfort of your own backyard. Best of all, these backyard resort style ideas will increase the resale value of your home as well as the value of your spare time.

Below, we discuss seven categories of luxury backyard ideas that compose the key ways to get the resort look and feel you’re hoping for. The scale, style, and features you choose are up to you, and our Everlast Warranty ensures that your new backyard will be made from quality materials using the most advanced tools and techniques for lasting, low maintenance value.

7 Resort Style Backyard Ideas You’ll Love

We’ve researched the following 7 luxury backyard ideas and found that when it comes to customer satisfaction and return on investment (ROI) value, these are the best choices. Turn your backyard into a luxury destination, with these low maintenance luxury hardscaping ideas.

1. Decks

Custom decks are among the chief ways to transform an ordinary backyard into a resort style backyard. A quality deck sets the scene for furnishings, fireplaces, grills, fire pits, and much more. There are many high quality materials to choose from, from pressure treated wood to cedar, composite, hardwood, and more. The best material for your deck will depend on how you intend to use it, issues related to exposure to the elements, and of course, the type of resort style you want to achieve. Our team here at DiGiorgi builds custom decks to make outdoor space living enjoyable and low maintenance. In most cases, we prefer to use Trex, which is the world’s top decking brand with the most durable wood-alternative composite decking available on the market. The materials they sell have the look and feel of wood, but are much more durable than any ordinary wood.

2. Fencing

Any good resort will feature robust privacy for its guests. When creating a backyard resort themed setting, except in the most remote homes, requires the use of quality fencing. To match a style of fencing to the style of your backyard resort hardscaping selections, you have a lot of options. Choose from opaque wood panels in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Or, if physical privacy is more of a priority than visual privacy, wrought iron fences and gates are a terrific option. Choose all wood, or all metal fencing, or opt for a mixture of the two, adding solid physical security in some areas, and complete visual privacy in others.

3. Pools

There is no surer way to create the resort feel and experience you’re looking for than to install an outdoor swimming pool. There is a nearly unlimited number of backyard ideas with pool styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Install a lap pool for zero-impact exercise any time you want it, an L-shaped pool to match the architecture of your home, or whatever best suits your idea of a resort style pool. Complete your swimming area with covered decking, fencing, and a poolside grill, or choose a tasteful standalone design. Keep in mind that installing fencing and covered areas will help reduce the cost and work needed for maintenance and cleaning. Building a pool is one of the most expensive backyard renovation projects you can undertake, but it will also deliver the highest ROI since it will add significant resale value to your home.

4. Patio Doors

Connect your new resort style backyard additions to your indoor living spaces with a set of beautiful patio doors. Should you opt to partially or fully enclose your pool or outdoor deck, high quality patio doors are a must. Patio doors can create the effect of extending indoor spaces by creating a visual and practical causeway into your new resort style installations. Should you choose to partially or fully enclose decking or pool areas, patio doors will keep these areas feeling open and accessible while keeping them protected from the elements.

5. Landscaping

Of course, no outdoor living space can be complete without beautifully sculpted landscaping to match. Give your backyard a tropical feel or design any climate setting you desire with the plant arrangements that suit your favorite theme. Adding the right plants will set the scene you want to create. It’s important to choose plants that will last through the harsh New England winters for lasting value and low maintenance.

6. Lighting

Outdoor lighting can set the mood beautifully for your backyard getaway areas. Modern outdoor lighting can be very inexpensive to own and operate, and the latest materials and designs keep them safe from the elements for many years. Lighting a path can add valuable safety and security as well as enhance the atmosphere of your resort style installations beautifully. Choose from hanging lighting assortments, fixed deck or in-ground lighting elements, or incorporate lighting into above-ground hardscaping features. There are many outdoor lighting types and styles to choose from.

7. Seating

Finally, no resort style outdoor living space is complete without functional and luxurious seating. Modern outdoor seating can be as beautiful as high quality indoor seating and endure exposure to the elements for many years. Advanced outdoor furniture is not only comfortable and highly durable, but it also comes in a wide variety of styles and color schemes to suit the resort theme you want to create.

Create Your Resort Style Backyard With DiGiorgi

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding has helped many homeowners add resort style luxury to their backyards by installing top quality decks, lighting, fencing, patio doors, and more. We have decades of experience making outdoor living spaces beautiful while keeping them low maintenance.

You can count on quality workmanship with our Everlast Warranty. We stand behind all of our work, and won’t consider the job done until you love your backyard.

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