Common Siding Questions

Common Siding Questions

  1. How long will it take?
    Once the job begins we will work everyday until completion average 8-9 days
  2. Do you insulate?
    Yes, we use a closed cell, ship lap polystyrex foam backer
  3. Do you work in winter?
    Yes, if mild
  4. Do you trim windows?
    We custom trim all windows with aluminum, covering all exposed wood

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Other Common Questions

  1. Is your company insured?
    Insured and licenced with the state of CT and MA
  2. Do you have a warranty?
    Click here
    to read more about our Everlast Warranty™
  3. Do you have a service department?
    Full service dept to handle any possible future problems and 24 hr emergency service.
  4. What is your experience?
    70 years experience in home improvement 3rd generation
  5. Do you clean up?
    Daily clean up plus a final clean up with a magnetic sweep
  6. Do you have references?
    References for all services , even jobs in progress
  7. Do you have financing?

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