It’s not every day where we hop on a helicopter and take a look at the top of our roof to see its condition.  New England’s dramatic weather patterns including wind, rain, snow and at time hail, all contribute to a roofs wear and tear. Sometimes, the problems are found after significant damage has occurred to the home.  So what should you look for when determining problems with your roof?  Here are a couple tips from our team to help

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a layer of ice which builds up at the edge of the roof that prevents melting snow to properly drain off the roof.  Over the past couple winters, we have seen many homeowners and businesses experience ice dams which ended up causing severe damage.  If you see ice dams starting, its a sign that action needs to be taken to prevent any future damage.

Storm Damage

Damage from storms happen all year round whether it be summer, fall, winter or spring.  High winds, hurricane type conditions and snow storms all play a huge factor.  We have even seen hail damage in the past throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.  If you remember the Springfield Massachusetts Tornado, those specific types of events can be devastating to any home and should be inspected.  However, we must warn, make sure you have a licensed professional like DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding determine your roofing needs.  We take great pride in our honest, ethical approach.  With our honest and ethical approach, we will only advise action be taken if there is a problem or issue with your roof.

Shingles Cracking, Curling & Granule Loss

If you begin to notice that your shingles are cracking, curling, granule loss or any other noticeable changes to your roof, this is the time to have it inspected.  When granule loss occurs, the shingles are exposed to the UV rays which will further the deterioration process.  Shingles are so important to insulation, protecting your home and the overall appearance.

These are just a few problems we see occurring when the homeowner should take notice.  While it might not be as pretty as the backyard, deck or inside remodel, it truly it the heart of the home when it comes to preserving, protecting and maintaining the longevity of a well built and protected home.  Don’t allow your home to be exposed to further problems.  Call our team at DiGiorgi Roofing to talk about options, concerns and the options we have for you, your budget and your home.  Call our team today at  (203)-723-6880.