Winter is quickly approaching and that means the possibility of ice dams and other damages associated with the colder months.  Unfortunately, we often see the poor workmanship to many roofs which makes even those with newer roofs at risk.  That is why, we go above and beyond code to ensure that unnecessary damage never happens. We install the highest quality shingle with a waterproofing barrier that exceeds code, for extra protection against the damage ice dams can create.

Ice Dams | DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding

As you can see, ice dams form when your home is not properly ventilated.  As heat rises, it melts the snow sitting on the roof, creating the melting process which collects at the bottom where it builds up and freezes.  Poor insulation and lack of ventilation play a huge role in ice dam formation, which is why you should have your home inspected to see if this will pose a problem.  Once ice dams form, the amount of water damage to the home can be extensive and costly.

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