Garage doors are not only a beautiful addition to the home, they are responsible for keeping homes safe and secure.  Have you every encountered the experience where your garage doors would open?  Have you every had the scary situation where your garage door malfunctioned?

DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding takes great pride in our  Amarr Garage Doors and the beauty they have brought to households throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.  However, the most important part of installing them is to make sure they are completely safe for you, your children, animals and anything else that could be harmed if they were to malfunction.

Team member Rick Redzep recently took the initiative to go through the LiftMaster course to be Certified as a LiftMaster Certified Safety Check Dealer.  So what does this mean to our DiGiorgi customers in Connecticut?

The Safety Inspection

Upon completion of installation, our Liftmaster Certified Safety Check Dealer will:

1.   Make sure the photo eye is no higher than 6 inches. (the photo eye also known as safety beams, are what detect and protect children and/or pets and stop the door from shutting)

2.   Testing the garage door safety by taking an object greater than 6 inches and testing the photo eye to ensure its working accurately.

3.  Testing the photo eye with other objects to ensure it can acknowledge an interference.

The Requirements

The LiftMaster Certified Safety programs requires a plethora of steps including

  • Attend a LiftMaster Don’t Chance It. Check It.™ webinar training session. Register at
  • Complete the brief online training course for performing the 3-Step Safety Check and sign the LiftMaster Safety Pledge.
  • Train your staff to make the Garage Door and Opener Safety Checklist a part of ALL routine service calls.

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding is proud of Rick and our team members that continue to improve and offer the best products and services to our clients throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.  If you have questions regarding your current garage doors or for more information on our Amarr Garage Door selection, contact DiGiorgi Roofing today at 203-723-6880.