If you live in any area that has wind, rain, or snow in any combination, then you are probably familiar with the frustration of clogged gutters. Keeping gutters clean during seasonal storms that blow leaves, sticks, and other debris can be a full-time job. And clogged gutters lead to other problems with the added weight and poor water drainage.

This is where gutter guards can help. Gutter covering systems are designed to protect your gutters and keep fall leaves and other debris from getting inside them. Adding the best gutter guards to your home is a worthwhile investment because by protecting the gutters, you protect your home from problems caused by a buildup of debris and water like mold, mildew, flooding, and water damage. RainTech, one of the best gutter guard companies, has scientifically designed its gutter guards to protect your home and last a lifetime. Here’s how it works.

The Ultimate Gutter Covering System

Whether you’ve considered a gutter guard system in the past or not, you will really appreciate everything the RainTech system can do. It has:

  • Best Mesh Screen – RainTech’s “Micro Mesh Patented Technology” uses the finest surgical grade stainless steel mesh to maximize water flow. It’s rated #1 by Consumer Reports.
  • Best Gutter Frame – RainTech uses extruded anodized aluminum for its strength and durability over time. It won’t deteriorate due to heat and cold as PVC vinyl does.
  • Ultimate Seal – RainTech bonds the mesh and frame together with the highest grade Vulcanized rubber adhesive before installing it at your home, sealing it from extreme weather.
  • Perfect Pitch – RainTech gutter guards are installed at the pitch and angle for clean water flow despite any weather changes.
  • Optional Heat Cable – This option is recommended for climates that get snow and ice. The heated cable can be turned on to keep water flowing properly instead of freezing in the gutters.
  • Guaranteed to Stay Clog-Free – RainTech’s technology keeps pine needles, leaves, twigs, other debris, and insects out of your gutters all year.

You won’t have to climb a ladder to clean the gutters yourself every spring and fall, and you won’t have to hire someone else to do the job either. And don’t forget the curb appeal. Keep your home looking and feeling great all year round.

RainTech vs. Other Gutter Guard Products

You’re probably thinking to yourself at this point, what makes RainTech so special compared to other gutter guard systems like Raptor or LeafFilter? Well, let’s compare the competition.

RainTech is designed to specifically solve problems that are commonly heard when people complain about gutter guards. All of the features are top-notch, and installation is done by professionals. RainTech’s gutter guard system has:

– Surgical Grade Stainless Steel micro-mesh
– Extruded Anodized Aluminum frame
– Highest grade Vulcanized rubber adhesive
– Installed at the perfect pitch and angle to your roof
– Guarantee to stay clog-free
– Lifetime warranty

RainTech is made and installed by professionals. It will stay clog-free. And it won’t warp, crack, or deteriorate. It is an investment in the quality and maintenance of your home, helping both with curb appeal and keeping up the value of your home when it’s time to sell. Therefore, when it comes to gutter guard reviews, RainTech is the clear leader.
LeafFilter offers a competitive product that they install for you. Metal hangers keep the uPVC frame in place, and the micro mesh made of stainless steel creates a filter that keeps out debris. The LeafFilter gutter guard system has:

– Stainless steel guard material
– uPVC frame material
– Metal hanger material
– Customizable sizes to fit your house
– Rustproof
– Lifetime warranty

This LeafFilter system has a uPVC frame (a type of vinyl) that is prone to warping and cracking in heat and cold weather. This can cause holes that let in debris or the gutter can detach allowing weather to damage your home.
Raptor, by Gutterglove, has a stainless steel micro-mesh cover which can be sized to most gutters, but you have to buy the material yourself and install it on your house. This is problematic because you aren’t an expert gutter guard installer, meaning that you may install it incorrectly without realizing it. Added to that is the need to climb a ladder to get your gutters, and that can be dangerous. You can hire a contractor to install it, but they may not be familiar with the Raptor brand, either. Raptor’s gutter guard system has:

– Stainless steel mesh material
– Five, six, or seven inches wide
– Rustproof
– 25-year warranty

While Raptor’s mesh guard is meant to fit on your existing gutters, they don’t provide you with a frame. They have a 25-year warranty, which is nice, but not a lifetime guarantee.

 Ready to Install RainTech?

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