Your deck is the perfect place to spend your summer evenings. It can be an extension of your home, provide extra space for entertaining guests, or give you a private outdoor space to relax and unwind. You can add several features to your deck to make it more attractive and functional. Consider how you will use it and what features suit your needs.

1.     Lighting

Add outdoor lighting in strategic locations to illuminate the space. Lighting is a proven means to make your outdoor space seem larger, more beautiful, and safer. Have a combination of overhead and directional lighting. LED and incandescent lights are practical and affordable options. Place the lighting along the edges of your deck, underneath or around benches and tables, or above barbeques. Ensure that the lighting you choose suits the desired application and complies with local fire codes.

2.     Railing System

A railing gives your deck a defined edge, keeping you and your family safe. It also improves the overall look of your deck, enhances its appearance, and creates a boundary between it and the rest of your property. A railing can be simple or ornate, with interesting patterns, rails, and spindles. You can choose wood or metal railings to match the style of your home and overall property design. The railings should be strong and sturdy. Ensure that they are well secured to the deck platform.

3.     Outdoor Furniture

Liven up your space with comfortable outdoor furniture that you can use for dining, lounging, or other activities. Outdoor furniture is available in many styles, including modern and traditional options. Choose furniture that blends naturally into the ambiance of your deck and is well-suited for the space. Select tables and chairs with intricate designs or rocking chairs and benches that complement the overall look of your deck. Consider including a hammock or other unique pieces of furniture. Use cushions and pillows to add comfort and a touch of color to the furniture.

4.     Fire Pit

If you like spending time outside in the evenings, a fire pit provides warmth and ambiance. You can even use it to grill food. The fire pit should have a solid base and be placed in an area away from structures, furniture, or other objects. It should have a lid to contain the fire and keep embers from spreading to other deck areas. The fire pit should be of a safe size for your deck and not too large. A small fire pit is a lovely, intimate space for chatting with friends or enjoying romantic evenings.

5.     Pergola

Pergolas provide shade, add beauty to the space, and can improve its functionality. If you use your deck primarily for dining or entertaining, a pergola will create an attractive relaxing space. It can also provide cover from the sun during warm summer days. Pergolas are available in wood and wrought iron styles that match the surrounding décor of your property. Consider choosing a pergola with lattice panels that add a touch of beauty to the space while allowing some light and air to come through.

A deck is an excellent option if you want to enjoy the outdoors without compromising the security and comfort of your home. It can be a cozy place to read a book or enjoy an afternoon with friends and family. These features add beauty and functionality to your deck. They can improve the appearance of your property, make it safe for everyone, and enhance the overall ambiance.