Rain gutters are an important part of how a well-built home can be protected from heavy rain and other elements. They help keep the spaces under your overhang usable, even in inclement weather, and they prevent puddling which can lead to water damage along the foundation and baseboards.

Like anything else, your gutters do have an expected functional lifespan. As they age, they will naturally warp and corrode. This process will eventually make new gutters a necessity. With that in mind, you need to choose the best gutter system for house care and maintenance. Making the right choice will serve you for decades. Making the wrong choice is sure to lead to property damage and the need to replace them sooner than later.

So, let’s look at some of the proven ways you can learn how to choose the right gutters.

Signs You Need New Gutters

The first key to avoiding a sudden failure of your gutters and damage to your home is knowing the signs that they are ready to be replaced. Fortunately, the signs are pretty clear. In most cases, it is best to replace your gutters before these signs start to show, but late is still better than never.

Visible damage

By the time visible damage appears, chances are that you’re pushing your luck and are risking a sudden breakdown. If you look at almost any house, you’re likely to see the beginning of visible gutter damage. These include rusted spots, holes, cracks, detaching joints, leaks, and warping. Damage like this shows that your gutter system is under stress. It indicates that catch-points have probably developed which will reduce their efficiency and even cause damage to your home.

Water damage

Water damage won’t show on the gutters directly, but it will show anywhere along the exterior walls where your gutters are failing. You may notice mold, mildew, bubbling, or otherwise deformed paint, dark patches, or mud puddles next to the foundation. Water damage is an all-but-sure sign that expensive damage has already developed. Therefore, if you spot water damage, the time for new gutters has come and gone.

Sagging gutters

Sagging gutters are a sure sign that they are full of debris, on which the attachments to the structure have come loose, and on which the proper structure of the drain has been altered. While it may be possible to repair a gutter in this condition, it is usually cheaper and definitely easier to replace them. What’s more, replacing them gives you the opportunity to obtain higher quality, longer-lasting gutters.

Frequent clogs

You may experience gutters that become clogged again quickly after they have been cleaned. This can be caused by warping of the shape of the gutter and rust on the inner surface. The older gutters become, the more they tend to hold on to debris, making clogs happen more often. Gutters in this condition should be replaced before frequent clogs cause a bigger problem.


One sure sign that it’s time to replace your gutters is their age. The average gutter drain has a life expectancy of about 20 years. After that, they will start to show some or all of the signs discussed above. Factors that could reduce their lifespan include extremes of heat and cold throughout the year, heavy precipitation, animal activity, and damage during roof repairs.

Key Factors On How To Choose The Right Gutters

Once you’ve decided that the time truly is right to change out those old, rusty gutters, it’s time to start thinking about the best fit for your new set. Fortunately, the criteria for quality gutters are well understood.


There are a variety of gutter types including copper gutters, vinyl gutters, galvanized steel gutters, and aluminum gutters. Each of these materials comes with specific drawbacks and benefits. The important thing is to choose the type of gutters that suit your specific needs such as the climate where you live and the characteristics of your home. Aluminum gutters, for example, is cheap, easy to install, and low maintenance, but is less resistant to certain forms of wear and tear. Copper gutters, conversely, is very high quality and corrosion resistant, but it is much more expensive.


Not all homes are built the same. Some have more room for gutters than others and some have less. What’s more, with location, microclimates, the surrounding foliage, and other factors, the rain-direction needs of your home may be very different compared even to those of your neighbors. This means that you need to choose gutters that are properly sized. Over-sized gutters may cause problems and undersized gutters may not do the job.


It stands to reason that the shape, form, and style of your home should be matched by everything that goes on it. Gutters are often painted in order to fit the exterior decor more closely. Likewise, some of the highest quality models come with design elements of their own to help them enhance the curb appeal of the home.


Gutter installation can be complex, and unless you know what you’re doing it is almost always best to have them installed by a professional. Even so, the installation process for one set of gutters will differ from that of another. Some are more difficult, and therefore more expensive to install. Choosing a quality installer like DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding to do your installation is a smart move. You’ll keep costs to a minimum, and you’ll be sure to get proper installation the first time.


Finally, it is very important to take proper care of your gutters. So it stands to reason that the best products on the market are those that are low maintenance, easy to care for, and long-lasting. There are also high-quality add-ons available that will help protect your gutters like gutter guards from RainTech. These will help keep dirt and debris out of your gutters reducing wear and tear as well as corrosion.

RainTech Is The Best Gutter System For Your House

Here at DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding, we carry and install only the best products in the rain gutter category. That’s why we love RainTech Gutter Systems, which happens to be our own design. RainTech gutters are guaranteed to remain clog-free for the expected life of the gutters. Take a look at their advanced features.

  • Micro Mesh Patented Technology: Provided optimal flow, allowing only clean water to enter, preventing clogs, Rated #1 by Consumer Reports.
  • Extruded Anodized Aluminum: Durable extruded anodized aluminum is corrosion-resistant, and more durable than any other material.
  • Ultimate Seal with Vulcanized Rubber: Locks the frame and mesh together solidly for the ultimate in looks and durability.
  • Perfect Pitch Installation: We install every gutter system we sell using our proprietary PPI method, which ensures optimal water direction performance.
  • All Weather: We offer advanced, all-weather gutter systems that are guaranteed to perform at peak levels, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Our advanced, proprietary gutter design will keep all debris, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and insects out of your gutters.

To learn more about what makes RainTech the best the rain gutter industry has to offer, get in touch with DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding, Inc. today. Our team is eager to answer all of your questions.