A roof adds to the beauty of your home and provides protection, so it’s important to keep up with maintenance of your roof and have it fixed up when needed. Hire DiGiorgi to enhance your roof and benefit your whole house with these five roof upgrades.

1. Make your shingles energy efficient.

Adding reflective shingles to your roof will reflect rays from the sun and release heat that was absorbed into the shingles, creating a cooler home and cutting down on cooling expenses. These shingles come in many different styles, including wood tones and slate, to match your home’s style.

2. Choose a chimney cap that is airtight.

Regular chimney caps prevent rain and animals from coming into your chimney. Airtight caps take this to the next level by preventing the warm air from leaving your home when you’re not using your fireplace during the winter. You pull a steel cable in your fireplace when you want to open this spring-activated cap to make a fire, and you pull it closed when the fire is done.

3. Add low-maintenance gutters.

Cut down on the maintenance involved with gutters by switching your old ones for low-maintenance gutters. These gutters have a patented design with curved hoods that let the water move down while preventing leaves from entering. They provide a sleek design that is a great update over older varieties, and they keep the house cleaner with less cleaning time. You won’t have to unclog the gutters or clean stains on the house from the gutters. These gutters are available in different colors to match your home.

4. Add eave flashing.

Eave flashing can prevent ice that builds on the roof, known as ice dams. Eave flashing are membranes that stick and seal around the roof fasteners to create a seal over the eaves, which keeps out water. This can help prevent the hassle and damage that ice dams can cause, and is also beneficial if you have structures on your roof like skylights.

5. Create better ventilation.

Ridge vents on your roof can provide ventilation to the attic by helping air flow between the shingles, which will cool down the attic temperature and create a cooler house overall. Soffit vents can release hot air and bring in cool air under the eaves, while gable vents can improve airflow at the roof peak.