New! Versetta Stone

Stone Veneer Siding Inspired by Nature

Versetta Stone brings the beauty of classic stone masonry to your home, with a modern installation method that saves you and yourVersetta Stone Siding contractor time, money, and inconvenience.  About one quarter the thickness of traditional stone, Versetta Stone is molded from a lightweight material that’s much easier to work with than natural stone.

This versatile stone veneer product can be used for interior and exterior projects, from fireplace walls and kitchen trim to window  accents and full  stone siding.

Green is Beautiful

Versetta Stone is made from a minimum of 50% recycled product, validated by UL Environment.  An NAHB Research Center Green Approved product.  Choose from colors and textures inspired by the natural world.

Rugged Texture with irregularities that gives the well-worn look of time and the elements.

Plum Creek               Sterling                      Terra Rosa

Traditional quarried limestone look, fitted tightly to reflect rural 19th century American architecture.

Plum Creek               Sterling                       Terra Rosa

Easy Care and Warrantied

No need to paint or seal, Versetta Stone resists damage from wind, the freeze and thaw cycle, heat and sun over the decades.  Backed by a 50-year limited warranty including one-time transferability.

Contact DiGiorgi for the Elegance of Versetta Stone Veneer at  1 (800) 428-6438.