“I Have Not And Will Not Solicit Any Bids Or Estimates From Your Competitors”


Dear Mr. DiGiorgi,

This letter is long overdue. I have been meaning to write to you in addition for my verbal “thank you’s” for the continuous fine service your company has provided over the years. We had you replace all of our windows and siding in 2001 and 2002.

You enjoy a fine reputation for standing behind your products and especially service. From time to time the window latches have worn and your company has never once charged me for the replacement and labor. I find this level of customer service to be astonishing in this day and age where the consumer is usually charged endless service and fees, some of which are hidden, think of the cable television industry.

Further, you live up to your 30 year warranty on the siding by replacing panels that are damaged by the weather even though it is never your company or Certain-Teed’s fault.  Lately, you have dispatched a crew to reseal a part of our roof to prevent leaks. I fully intend to contract with DiGiorgi for a full roof replacement when we can afford it. I have not and will not solicit any bids or estimates from your competitors.

Thanks again for your dedication to excellent service and Happy Holidays to all.