“These men continue to do an incredible job every single day. They take pride in their work and it shows.”


I just have to take a minute again and share with you my thanks. These men continue to do an incredible  job every single day. They take pride in their work and it shows.

You know how concerned I was about maintaining access to the backyard while the work was being done for access for my dogs.

The scope of work included a new staircase but the plan was to do that at the end of the project, however last night the stage was so rickety I had a very difficult time getting my dog up the stairs. I just mentioned that to Joe this morning and today when the men ended for the day there was a temporary set of stairs and the rickety dangerous stairs gone. I couldn’t thank them enough, and yet they made no big deal about it. Incredible just incredible. These men are a credit to the degiorgi company, and they are true Craftsmen. I sit out here every night and just look at the work that they have done and take photos and send them to everyone I can think of the work is just beautiful and the men are just incredible Craftsman. Please thank them for me their kind consideration in altering their plans today and building the temporary staircase ,made a huge difference for me that I greatly appreciate.”

Bernadette  K.

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