Searching for Roofing Problems

Here are some tips and advice when searching for roofing problems

Prevention is Key
The easy thing to remember regarding your roof is this: search for issues before they find you. This may mean venturing up in to your attic’s storage or your home’s crawl space once or twice a year and fighting cobwebs and other spiders and bugs that may be up there. Roof leaks are sneaky, they often reveal the poor taste of being hidden for a while, dripping only a bit of water at a time so that the damage stays widely invisible if you do not take a look. Over time, the dripping can lead to extensive damage, like rot and mold, that will expand silently until you all of a sudden have a swimming pool in the middle of your livingroom.

Looking For Problems
Post a nasty rainfall, go up into the area of your house just beneath the roof and look for areas of wet-ness, rot and mold. Remember that wet areas may not be right under your broken shingle: water finds it’s way down to the lowest spot before it drips, so you will want to track it upward to reveal the source of the leak.

If you are lucky enough to find where the leak has happened & prepare to fix it right away, shove a sixteen-penny nail straight into the middle of the leaking area so that you will be able to find it the minute you climb up onto your roof. If that is not correct, you will have to measure up and down from your roof’s inner peak and horizontally from a spot like the wall or chimney.

If you own a chimney, specifically a brick or stone one, give direct attention to the spot where it meets your roof. If you see water leaking or spilling from the chimney, that is usually a good sign that you have a leaking roof problem.

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