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Roofing contractors in Connecticut really need to know about roofs and roofing because of the weather extremes we get here in CT. That means that choosing the right roofing company is perhaps more important in Connecticut than anywhere else.

After all, it’s what separates you from the elements. It is perhaps the most important part of a home, yet it gets very harsh treatment from wind, sun and rain.

While your roof has an important job, you probably don’t think about it very much until it’s too late – when it’s time for a roof repair. If there is a single home repair for which you should use a professional contractor, it’s roofing repairs.

Once it leaks through your roof, there is nothing stopping water from getting to any other part of your home. Damage to your roof can result in damage to your ceiling, walls, floors, basement and foundation.

With Connecticut’s winter snows, spring rains, summer heat and fall winds, if roof damage is not properly identified and repaired, your problem could quickly get much worse.

You need to find a roofing company that knows CT and the variety of weather the area can throw at your roof. Roofing companies can vary in their ability to identify and repair roof problems.

You won’t find a roofing contractor in Connecticut with the combination of experience, expertise and service offered by DiGiorgi.

  • Over 70 years experience with roofs and roofing in CT,
  • Lifetime roofing warranty
  • Free in-home consultation

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff would be pleased to assist you in identifying your roofing needs and offer viable options that suit your budget.

By covering the state of Connecticut and part of Massachusetts, we take the guess work out of choosing the right roofing company. Call DiGiorgi today – 1-800-428-6438 – and request a free consultation or estimate to make sure your roof keeps your home safe and dry!


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