Residential Roofing CT

Residential Roofing CT – How to Spot Problems and Find the Right Roofing Repair Company

Your residential roofing is probably not something you think too much about – until it’s too late. Then your home’s roof repair will be on you mind constantly until you find a roofing contractor to repair or replace it.

If you knew what to look for, you might be able to spot your home’s roofing problems before they become bigger.

The vast majority of residential roofing consists of asphalt roof shingles, or tiles, fastened to a deck, usually made of wood. Metal flashing is used around roof protrusions, such as vents and chimneys. With this knowledge, you can easily spot many of the more common signs of potential roofing problems:

1.  Missing shingles – will allow water to get below the shingle and into your home

2.  Tile buckling or curling – tiles can buckle because of an improperly installed deck, or curl due to wind and snow. Both cases make it easier for water to get under the shingles.

3.  Bare asphalt – tiles are finished with a granule coating which can wear off over time. Exposed asphalt can crack and allow water to leak through

4.  Damaged or corroded flashing – over time, flashing can become damaged from wind or falling debris, or corroded from snow and rain, and let water in around chimneys or vents.


What if you spot a problem? You need a residential roofing service that knows how to fix the problem and do everything possible to prevent it from happening again.

DiGiorgi Roofing has been repairing and replacing Connecticut roofs for 75 years. Our roofing specialists have the knowledge and expertise to determine your roofing problem and recommend the right roofing products and materials.

By covering the state of Connecticut and part of Massachusetts, and our Lifetime Everlast Warranty, we make it easy to choose the right replacement roofing company in Connecticut. Call DiGiorgi today – 1-800-428-6438, or contact us, and request a free consultation or estimate to make sure your roof continues to keep you warm and dry!


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