Residential Replacement Windows

The Right Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacing the windows of your house is probably one of the smartest home renovations you can do.  The benefits of lower energy costs and improved home value alone can pay for your new replacement windows over time, but it doesn’t stop there.

  • Easy to clean – new replacement windows will save you time and effort
  • Safer – residential replacement windows offer better protection for you and your family
  • Noise reduction – enjoy a quieter home
  • Prevents mold and mildew – make your home a healthier place
  • More attractive – inside and out
  • Never needs painting – save on maintenance costs
  • Easy to open and close – many models come with hand winders so you can open even large windows with ease.
  • Reduces energy consumption – Depending on your home and existing windows, you can expect to save between 10% and 20% in energy costs – less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.

It’s easy to see why replacement windows for your home are a great idea – especially in Connecticut, where our winters are cold and our summers are hot.  So what’s stopping you from making the change?

How your replacement windows are installed can make the difference between enjoying all the benefits of new windows and making your situation worse.  You need to choose a window installation company that can recommend the right windows for your situation and install them properly.

You will not find a window installer in Connecticut with the same window installation knowledge, experience and customer service as DiGiorgi.  Our replacement window specialists work with you to determine your needs and find the right window for you.

DiGiorgi’s courteous and professional window installers work in a timely manner and keep the work site and your home clean and safe.

With four locations in Connecticut, and our Lifetime Everlast Warranty, we take the guesswork out of choosing the right replacement window installation contractor.  Call DiGiorgi today – 1-800-428-6438, or contact us, and request a free consultation or estimate to make sure your windows keep you warm, safe and save you money!   Serving Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield and beyond.


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