27 08, 2017

Infinity From Marvin Windows

Infinity from Marvin is the replacement window preferred by over 50,000 satisfied Connecticut homeowners. No other window delivers more value with a brand you can trust. Your windows are professionally installed by DiGiorgi, and backed by our Everlast Warranty. Better than the best manufacturer’s warranty.

24 08, 2017

Amarr Garage Doors From DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding

Amarr garage doors are built tough for long lasting beauty and durability featuring weatherproof exteriors. And, since your garage is the largest opening in your home, Amarr Garage Doors are insulated for ultimate energy efficiency. And, professionally installed by DiGiorgi. With 3 styles of doors, Carriage House, Traditional and Specialty, Amarr offers a style and

13 06, 2017

Basement Window Replacement In Naugatuck Connecticut

Initially, you may look at this and categorize the project as small. This however, is considered one of the most important due to safety. This replacement window from DiGiorgi include Infinity From Marvin windows. Why Infinity From Marvin windows? 100% ultrex fiberglass | Ultrex fiberglass construction Only Infinity replacement windows are made of 100% ULTREX FIBERGLASS,

22 05, 2017

DiGiorgi Transformation: Before & After In Beacon Falls Connecticut

Out of all the photos we can use to showcase our work, nothing shows a transformation like before & after photo comparisons. This recent project out of Beacon Falls Connecticut showcases just how dramatic of a change siding and windows can create.  Here are the products and services included in this recent job:   1.

6 02, 2017

4 Reasons Connecticut Homeowners Choose DiGiorgi For Roofing and Siding

So far, the Winter of 2016/2017 has been quite mild; a nice change for Connecticut Residents!  As CT homeowners, we understand how difficult, challenging and damaging harsh New England Winters can be.  Choosing the right Connecticut roofing and siding company is a decision not taken lightly, which is why many choose DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding.

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