Back by popular demand, we are doing another blog segment regarding home improvements that can be beneficial to home value.  Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or just preparing for when that move might come years from now, understanding what will benefit you is the most important thing!

While we are aware of home improvements that add value, we did some research as to what the market is suggesting and came upon a great article from HGTV.com.  What did it say? Well, it had great tips and ideas, many of which we mention on a daily basis.  So what are they?

A New Roof

#16 on HGTV’s article on 20 ways to add value to your home, they state, “A shabby roof leaves a first impression that the current homeowners do not take good care of the place. If the roof is plain, flat and turning green in the corners, people will look at it and see major problems that could be showing inside the house. It can really change the character and feel of the house, and the cost can be easy on the pocket.”

Install New Windows

People are observant and concerned more than ever about structural details such as new windows.  Why? as HGTV.com states, “On an average house, 30 percent of energy is lost through windows. They are not only important in terms of energy issues, but they are also a signal to a future buyer that the current homeowners have really taken good care of the house.”

Siding, Siding, Siding

HGTV states, “If your siding is in bad shape, your home is going to earn the title of fixer-upper.” The truth is, this is truly the first sight people see.  Now, if the siding is in wonderful shape, people will often not notice unless it was in terrible condition.  While siding isn’t necessarily something people want to invest in, going with a line such as DiGiorgi’s Apex Siding, will not only look new year after year, it is guaranteed, giving peace of mind to homeowners who are hesitant including siding into a home makeover.

For the full HGTV.com article click here. As homeowners, we understand the cost and importance of making the right decision when it comes to home improvements.  That is why DiGiorgi Roofing takes great pride in their work and the products used in each and every home.  For more information, or to talk to a DiGiorgi Professional, head to our website at www.Digiorgiinc.com or call us at 203-723-6880