Could Garage Door Designs Increase Home Value?

If you’ve considered moving lately, or simple just scrolled through a realtor site in an area of particular choice, you understand the importance of basic items that are a must.  Those “must” items often include update bathrooms, high functioning kitchens, outdoor space and floor plans that work for you and your family.  However, another item that gains particular attention is the outdoor, exterior portion of the home.  Included in that exterior area is the garage doors.

Garage doors in general have come a very long way, including designs, efficiency and affordability like never before.  What homeowners are realizing is, with a simple garage door upgrade, a home can be completely transformed and look like its never looked before.

Dave Willmes, the residential sales manager of Norther Kentucky states, “A brand-new subdivision might have garage doors that are the same from house to house, but as those doors change out, people are more likely to look for something different”.

Here at DiGiorgi, we couldn’t agree more.  We too have noticed an influx of traffic when it comes to Amarr Garage Door installations.  Why Amarr Garage Doors?

Elegant Garage Doors Improve Curb Appeal

With 3 styles of doors, Carriage House, Traditional and Specialty, Amarr offers a style and price selection to meet every need.  DiGiorgi offers expert installation of Amarr products, available in either metal or wood selections. Most importantly, Amarr garage doors are built to last and will add value and beauty to any home.If you prefer the look of a traditional garage door or would like to enhance the curb appeal of your home with something new and unique, Amarr is the brand for you.

In addition to appeal, Amarr Garage Doors are long lasting and low maintenance, practically ideal for any homeowners looking for a long lasting, well maintained product!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the team at DiGiorgi for your Connecticut garage door needs today 1-800-428-6438.

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