DiGiorgi Roofing Employee Spotlight: Ron Spiteri

Meet Ron Spiteri, Remodeling Manager here at DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding.

Ron has been with DiGiorgi for 8 years. He started out as a field supervisor for remodeling and then moved to the remodeling manager position. When asked whats his favorite aspect of the position as Remodeling Manager, Ron states, “The diversity of the projects.  Anything from decks, bathrooms, kitchens and everything in between.  Something new each and every time”.

What does Ron say about DiGiorgi that makes it so unique? 

“Ive worked at smaller companies and there’s never been a warm feeling like there is at DiGiorgi. DiGiorgi treats everyone like family and that’s the truth.”

What is popular right now in Connecticut for home remodels?

On of the biggest questions we receive here at DiGiorgi, is what the best remodeling project for home value is.  While Kitchens and bathrooms offer great value, Ron has seen a going trend as of late in regard to bathroom remodels:

“Bathroom remodels are very popular right now. People are deciding to stay in their current home and making their bathrooms just the way they want them.”

Finally we decided to ask a non-work related question to Ron, which turned out to be the most difficult.

What’s your favorite food?

We asked Ron what his favorite food is. After a delay he finally told us: “Clam Pizza”.

Ron is a huge asset to DiGiorgi and we are grateful to call him a teammate. He proudly resides in Shelton Connecticut with his family.

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