DiGiorgi Project: Front Door Replacement In Wethersfield CT

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.33.45 AM

Sometimes, its as simple as changing the front door and some additional detailed molding to change the whole outlook of a home! That is exactly what we did for this homeowners in Wethersfield Connecticut.  We not only changed the existing door, we also added trim and molding to give it a new, more detailed look, which is fantastic for curb appeal.

As we have mentioned in other blogs and pages on our site, items like siding and front doors are usually the first thing someone notices.  These upgrades add to curb appeal and often reflect on a sound, well kept home.  It doesn’t always have to be complete remodels to obtain that new, fresh look.

For more of our before and after photos, don’t miss our DiGiorgi Gallery Page, or visit us on Houzz.com where all of our projects are listed and updated for your viewing!
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