4 Ways To Prepare Your Connecticut Home For Winter

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With meteorologists like Scot Haney and WFSB delivering the news of relatively mild temperatures, some of us are forgetting that sooner or later, SNOW will  be here.  So while you are outside putting your Christmas decorations up or inside preparing for the festivities, here are 4 ways you can prepare your Connecticut home for the Winter months ahead.

1. Winterize Those Sprinkler Systems

If you have had you sprinkler system for a while, you’re probably aware of the headaches one can get if they forget to winterize the system. Like pipes in your home, sprinkler system pipes can and will freeze as well; so make sure to get them drained and prepared for the months ahead.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Many faced difficulties over the past several years with gutter issues, especially during the snowy and cold months.  If you haven’t yet converted to seamless gutters such as LeafGuard, make sure you get up there (carefully) and get any debris in the gutters.  Make sure they are not clogged and free from debris can help especially with the melting and freezing of snow.

3. A Great Time For A Chimney Check

Now is the time that many get a fire going to keep out the dampness and enjoy the warmth.  It is important to have a professional inspect and clean your chimney to prevent any chimney fires.  Its often the chimneys that don’t get looked at that face the most dangers, so get that inspection out of the way, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

4. Stop The Drafts You May Feel Inside Your Home

Go around your home and feel for drafts, especially from doors and windows.  While they may seem small, they can play a huge role in your homes efficiency and cost to keep warm.  Adding something as simple as a door sweep can help decrease the drafts and keep your home warmer and more efficient.


These are just 4 great ways to prepare your Connecticut home for the Winter months.  As a roofing, siding, window, gutter, garage door and home improvement company for over 80 years, we have been the first phone call during many of the emergencies associated with what the harsh winters can deliver.  Don’t forget to go around your home and do your own visual inspection.  Look at the roof, gutters, windows, doors and garage doors.  Early detection of a problem can not only save money, but stop bigger problems stemming from what may be a small issue.


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