3 Great Places To Find Interior Design Inspiration And More!

Now with the holidays over and so many of us trying to get our homes back in order, thinking of new ways to decorate various spaces is a great way to start the new year.

Where to begin.  While there are magazines you can subscribe to for inspiration, there are also specific sites that you can browse for free that cover every varying type of space within your home, townhouse or apartment.

So the team at DiGiorgi decided to share 4 great websites to visit when looking for design ideas.

  1. Living Space

Various living spaces: http://www.livingspaces.com/inspiration

3D room designer: http://www.livingspaces.com/3d-room-designer

Curious to see how your favorite items will look in your space? Now, you can create a 3D image of your vision in under 5 minutes. Our room designer tool is not only easy to use, it’s fun to experiment with.

2. Houzz

Houzz is an instant favorite for the fact that companies (Like ours) can set up a profile and add recent projects, photos, tips and more for customers browsing.  It is not only a great place to pick the right company for the job, it offers extensive  interior design tips and direction.  Set up your free profile now at house.com

3. Ikea


So this one might come as a surprise, but ikea can offer great inspiration for various space design as well as offering each and every item within the space for sale at an affordable cost so people can create the same look.  Even if you aren’t looking to buy their products, taking a peek at how they create spaces through the season is a great place to start.

Do you have a special website or magazine that you love to refer to for inspiration for your interior design ideas? We would LOVE to hear them! Either comment below this post of send them to us!

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