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Our roots are in Ansonia and we are now based in Beacon Falls, CT.

DiGiorgi Inc has become of the most respected names in the Connecticut home improvement business with its roots in Ansonia, CT. Based in Beacon Falls, CT they have long been leaders in roofing and siding, along with customer satisfaction, and now serve homeowners and businesses throughout Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. Started in the toughest of times, they have made leaps and bounds since their first days of local home improvement services.

A Commitment to High Standards brings Success

During the great depression in 1933, Joe DiGiorgi set out to start his own business with nothing but courage, hard work, and a strong sense of pride to guide him. He persevered and flourished during the worst of economic circumstances. He held himself and his work to the same standards, where the integrity of the person and the job were unshakable.

Joe’s hard work and his desire to serve were also apparent in his son Bobby, who worked side by side with his father. Joe taught Bobby about roofing, but he also stressed the importance of a job done honestly and honorably. He realized that his father’s work was a representation of the man he was, and from then on Bobby strived to meet the high standard set by his father, personally and professionally.
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The Next Roofing Generations

After his father passed, Bobby took control of the business and, with the help of his loyal workers, it only continued to grow. It was no surprise that Bobby’s son would follow in the footsteps of his father. Drawn to the pride in a job well done and excited with visions of expanding, David DiGiorgi motivated to carry on the family tradition in an even bigger way. As the 3rd generation continues the tradition. Family has a strong presence at DiGiorgi with Carol DiGiorgi, Linda DiGiorgi, and now the 4th generation includes Lauren DiGiorgi and Rick Redzep.

DiGiorgi Inc. Expansion

DiGiorgi has expanded past Ansonia into Fairfield, Hartford, Waterbury, and Branford, and even parts of Massachusetts. They continue to offer the best quality with the best products including Certanteed Siding, Royal Building Products, LeafGuard Gutters, and Infinity from Marvin. DiGiorgi also offers the best guarantee in the industry, the Ever Last Warranty. Whether it is home siding, a minor or major roof repair, or commercial window installation, no job is too big or too small for this team.

DiGiorgi’s warranty lasts for as long as the product’s warranty lasts. If something breaks under the product’s warranty, DiGiorgi will fix it without charge. DiGiorgi roofers have an unmatched pride for their work and stand by every roof repair, siding replacement, window and gutter installation they make. Their dedication makes them the leader in North East commercial roofing. This home improvement company rooted in Ansonia, brings an outstanding level of commitment and a family history of excellence to each job.

Top Tier Connecticut Home Improvement Professionals

The Connecticut home improvement professionals at DiGiorgi understand that the work they do is a direct reflection of their values. It is not just a client’s approval and appreciation of a job that is at stake, it is the DiGiorgi family name. With every positive customer review the family name is further cemented. That is why each worker aims for perfection with each customer.

DiGiorgi was started by one determined man and has grown and thrived through his family. Now the leagues of trucks are filled with workers who uphold the DiGiorgi aphorism, “Our Family Serving Your Family, Since 1933.”

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